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When I came to Young Chiropractic I was coming from a therapy facility. I had rotor cuff surgery. I didn’t feel the therapy I was getting from the therapy facility was doing enough to get back to 100%. I had other issues such as bursitis in the arm which made it much more difficult for my rehabilitation. I left the first facility deciding to try Dr. Young mainly because he was a BBB member. Since he did both the chiropractic work along with the rehabilitation I wanted to try him. He is close to my work and is so willing to work with my schedule in order for me to get my therapy that I so need. His kindness to me and his gentle honest spirit really drew me to him even after my first visit.

When I stepped into Dr. Young’s office the first time I could barely touch the top of my head. My range of motion was very limited. He was very clear that he thought he could help me but there were guarantees. Today, I am able to not only blow my hair dry but raise my arm past 90% with enduring extreme pain. I had a previous surgery, which he works with the scar tissue that I have as well. I do not have the pain in my lower arm, elbow area at all like I did before. I had tingling in my arm and that has gone away as well. My arm does not ache like it used to.

Dr. Young is working my whole body. Adjustments on my back working with other injuries I had which compounds the complexity of my condition as well as my arm. I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is because of his concern for me as a person that I have the use of my arm like I haven’t had in probably 15 years. I know that it is God’s guidance that has brought me to Dr. Young and his amazing staff. I look so forward to having 100% use of my arm soon. I know that would not have been an option the way I was going prior to Dr. Young. Dr. Young is human but he absolutely has God’s hand on him and his talents. I will recommend Dr. Young to anybody at any time.  –  April W.


Dr. Young is a miracle worker!

I had been to several different specialists due to severe pain, swelling, and stiffness in my feet, ankles and right hand. After several months of blood tests and 7 different types of medications the specialist did not know what was causing my symptoms. The pain, swelling and stiffness had become so severe that I ended up in a wheelchair for 8 weeks.

My husband knew of Dr. Young through a co-worker of his. Right from the start we were extremely impressed with Dr. Young and his staff. We were professionally greeted and Dr. Young actually sat and listened to everything I had been through, which is something the other specialists had NOT taken the time do. He also understood how desperately I wanted off the medications.

I am proud and relieved to say, Dr. Young knew what was wrong, what needed to be done and has always kept me and my husband informed of my progress at all times. After my 3rd visit I was able to stop taking all medications, and after a few more I was able to put on tennis shoes without being in pain. I am now walking normal and am PAIN FREE!

My entire family is so thankful to Dr. Young, for his knowledge and professionalism, but most of all for the way he genuinely cares for all of his patients. Our children have even said, “Mommy, we are glad Dr. Pete has made you better and that we have you back!” In fact, our son wants to be a Chiropractor when he grows up.  –  Kim G.


My name is Jimmy G. and I am 60 years old. After high school and 2 years of Junior College, I enlisted in the Air Force. While in the Air Force, I worked with asphalt and concrete, using a jackhammer to break up asphalt and concrete, as well as working with heavy equipment including snow plows, backhoes and graders. I have had lower back pain almost my entire 22 year military career.

After retiring from the Air Force, I worked 10 years with a trucking company. My duties required me to open the heavy diesel hoods to check the oil, climb up the front wheels to wash the windshields – after which I would jump down. After that I worked for a company that reviewed Lenders FHA mortgage files. I would box up the completed files and move the stacks of boxes to the mailroom. I fully retired at age 55 and now am a full time babysitter for my grandkids.

My back has progressively worsened. I have been seeing numerous Dr.’s from Primary Care Physician to a Neurologist to find out what is causing this pain. I started physical therapy. After 2 weeks with little progress, they recommended I have an MRI to determine the source of the pain. The MRI showed a disc pinching off a nerve which runs down my left leg. My Dr. recommended additional pain pills, continued therapy and another visit to the neurologist followed-up with an epidural blocker.

The physical therapist asked if he could send he results of my MRI to a chiropractor friend of his, who happened to be Dr. Young. My pain was so intense I could no longer drive my car, was using a cane and could not pick up my grandkids.

After 8 visits with Dr. Young, I am virtually pain free and would highly recommend Dr. Young to anyone who has any kind of pain.

Thank you very much Dr. Young for all that you have done for me. I feel like a new man, I’ve resumed all my normal activities and can enjoy playing with my grandkids again.  –  Jimmy G.


Dr. Young has single handedly changed my life. Living with chronic low back pain was the norm in my life for years and years. Doctors had diagnosed it as sciatica, but that wasn’t the case. Dr. Young took the time to evaluate me and my situation and found that the real underlying problem was that I wasn’t aligned. I’ve been seeing him now for 2 years, and I am happy to say I am pain free. I’m on the road to a better and healthier life, and I have Dr. Young and his wonderful staff to thank. They offer many services that support complete wellness. I recommend them and wouldn’t go anywhere else.  –  Kristeen L.


Dr. Young and his staff are AMAZING! Our entire family- all 6 of us- see him multiple times a month. He cares about our health, but he also cares about us. He is always asking how our kids are doing and he remembers things our family has/is doing (i.e. vacations, work events, etc.). He is very professional and knowledgeable about chiropractic care. We are well cared for each time we visit his office!!  –  Chelsea B.


Dr. Young has supported me in my career since day one and has always giving me the right treatments and led me in the right direction to getting better! I would recommend him and the rest of his staff to anyone that has back neck or nerve issues!!!!  –  Tim B.


They are all the BEST

I've been seeing Dr. Young for years now. My daughter and husband go there too. I recommend him all the time to anyone who needs help. He's the best. I've been to others and always left in more pain. Not with Dr. Young. He takes great care of us and I will never go to anyone else. If you are having any kind if issues with back, legs, neck you need to give him a try.

Cynthia Hoff


I went to my Wednesday visit feeling pretty good on my left side, but still had pain on my right side. I got the "warm moist towel treatment" which really relaxed me". Then Dr. Pete did his magic on my right side and I left the building feeling very good. I feel so much better and I am looking forward to my visit on Friday and also a massage! I have only heard high praise from my son (Darren) who has gone to Dr Pete for many years and from my good friend (Pat) who has also gone to Dr Pete for many years! Therefore, if I have issues in the future, I will certainly call Dr Pete and would also recommend him to my friends!

Mary Ann Sliva


Highly recommend

I have been here for tendonitis and lower back problems. My experience has been very positive over about 10 visits.

Nathan Sommer


Great experience and will continue to go back!

Called at 9:13 a.m., was in the office at 11:00 a.m.- awesome timing for a first time patient. I will admit that I was leery that they could get me in that fast. I was expecting an office with little to no activity, and I was wrong. Office was in full swing, with everyone coming and going. I was really surprised that they got me in, on top of assisting other clients. Dr. Young was descriptive with the process, what he will do to treat, and different treatment scenario's. Very much recommend.

Nicole Meyer


Amazing Service

I Absolutely Love Going to Young Chiropractic! I happened to be in the area and dropped in they seemed quite busy! I was in a time crunch and asked them if they could squeeze me in quickly and even with the amount of people they had in there they were able to pull it of!

Nate Kalt


Dr. Young and Dr. Brown are great guys and outstanding chiropractors. I have been to my share of other doctors in the past and no one compares. They let you know exactly what is going on, what treatment plan is needed, and loads of knowledge if desired. They are very knowledgable not just in their field but in Healh and wellness as a whole, which is very helpful when it comes to getting better. Thanks for all that you have done for me, my tendinitis, and my back. I feel great after coming in.

Jason Reese


Did a great job

Being a nurse, I had much trepidation going to a chiropractor. Dr. Young did a great job explaining everything and putting me at ease.

Connie Ricchini


Love Young Chiropractic

We receive great care and respect each time we are at the clinic. Thanks to Ellie for checking us in. The entire experience is very good.

Susan Tafini


~~Dr. Brown helped me lose over 35 pounds!

I am a wife and a mom. I have a full time job and 3 kids in sports. Life caught up with me and I was carrying an a lot of extra weight and did not look OR feel good or like "me" anymore. I followed the doctor supervised weight loss program at Young Chiropractic and lost 30 pounds in just 6 weeks! For the first time ever I cannot wait for Memorial Day weekend and for the pool in our town to open!!! Thank YOU Dr. Brown!!! There is no way I could have done this on my own!

Royce Leibhart

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